Author(s): PANDOVE G.1* &SAHOTA P

The study was conducted in water supply of different localities of Ludhiana with the objective to screen the concentration oftrace elements (As B Ca Co Cr Cu Fe K Mg Mn Na Ni Pb Zn). The study revealed that concentration of Pb , Cu, Fe, Cr, K, Na, Co, and Ca in twenty one drinking water samples analyzed from three different water utilities [Municipal Corporation (12), hand pumps(6) and submersible pumps (3)] were much below the permissible limits described by WHO and BIS. Zinc was detected in 95.45% of drinking  water  samples  in  the  range  0.001-0.14  and  boron  detected  in  85.71%  of  drinking  water  samples  in  the  range  of  (0.002-0.1327)  whereas  Arsenic  was  detected  in 19.04% of the water samples analyzed in the range of 0.006-0.01 mg/l. All the 21 samples depicted Nickel (Ni) and 57.14% of samples had Ni concentration >0.1mg/l (BIS), while in rest of the samples Ni was present in ranges of 0.0091-0.047mg/l. Only one sample out of 21 samples contained Arsenic and Manganese above permissible limit.

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